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Package Teams Best Practices
Last updated at 5:40 pm UTC on 20 October 2005
If you are a member of a Team that maintains one of Squeak's core packages, print this out and hang it over your bed:

Bug Handling

The most important thing in handling a bug is reproduction - reproduce the bug in a unit test that fails. Now fix the bug. The unit test should now be green ;). Try to think of other test cases and add them. By at least having one test that reproduces the bug, we're fairly sure that we won't regress...

Pre-release checks

The QualityControl package can be used, possibly in your team's configuration, as a pre-release checker. It is lightweight, but it is a formal pre-release process that makes sure that some simple stuff gets caught. QC is not a requirement, any formal process is good. The idea is that the process gets updated to catch errors from the past, so you'll grow as a team into delivering better quality.

(setup by Cees de Groot as a first cut, please help making sense here)