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Puzzle for 3.9
Last updated at 4:38 am UTC on 7 August 2006
This is a first version for 3.9.
Owns a lot to Jerome Peace.
Now you could use any .jpg .gif .png of your own,

1 - Do you Squeak go full screen on.
2 - You can place a piece near to other what you think fits.
If two pieces fits, a rectangle show and border of pieces become orange.
Could have more what a "Puzzle In Progres"
Could transfer pieces from a "Puzzle In Progres" to another via yellow click on the piece.
Observe what hapens when you drag a piece to "Smart" Trash .
3 - Have fun, you are reworded with applause with all pieces are together

HINT see code, exist a cheating mode, Squeak way of


Looks like this, whit extra cost wood table :=)

Uploaded Image: Puzzle.jpg