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Seaside Magma Pier
Last updated at 1:15 pm UTC on 28 September 2007

Script to load Seaside Magma and Pier into 3.7, 3.8, 3.9

Installer installUrl: 'wiki.squeak.org/squeak/SeasideMagmaPier'.


squeakmap := Installer websqueakmap.
squeaksource := Installer repository: 'http://www.squeaksource.com'.
lukas := Installer repository: 'http://mc.lukas-renggli.ch/'.
mantis := Installer mantis.

mantis bug: 4874 fix: 'Join.4.cs'.
squeakmap install: 'DynamicBindings'.
squeakmap install: 'KomServices'.
squeakmap install: 'KomHttpServer'.
squeakmap install: 'Monticello'.
squeakmap install: 'SmaCC Runtime'.

seaside := squeaksource project: 'Seaside'.
seaside answer: '*administrator*' with: 'seaside';
answer: '*password*' with: 'admin'.

seaside install: 'Seaside2.6b1';
install: 'Scriptaculous-pmm.138'.

magma := squeaksource project: 'MagmaTester'.
magma install: 'MagmaServerLoader';
install: 'Magma server';
install: 'Magma client';
install: 'Magma seaside';
install: 'Magma sunit'.

magma install: 'Seaside-Examples-Store-Magma'.

lukas answer: 'Would you like*' with: true;
answer: '*name of your Pier kernel*' with: 'Pier 1.0.5 SMP';
answer: '*entry point*' with: 'pier';
answer: '*Application' with: true.

lukas project: 'magritte';
install: 'Magritte-All'.

lukas project: 'pier';
install: 'Pier-All';
install: #('Pier-Model-kph' 'Pier-Model-sm');
install: 'Pier-Seaside'.

lukas install: 'Pier-Tests';
install: 'Pier-Magma'.

lukas install: 'Pier-Security'.
lukas install: 'Pier-ScriptingAPI'.