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Yoshiki Ohshima SqF 2007
Last updated at 5:12 am UTC on 26 February 2007
I'm working at Viewpoints Research and doing some "research-oriented" stuff (though it is not "pure" research) and also somewhat traditional Etoys work for the OLPC project.

Some argue that Squeak should be radical in a sense that many cutting edge ideas should be experimente in it. However, almost by definition, the research activity is about breaking things. Also, such activity doesn't have to be in Squeak at all. We can always take the lessons we learned in Squeak and built new systems. In the other words, the radical change can happen also elsewhere.

The others argue that Squeak should be a good basis for more production oriented projects. I now tend to agree with this side of view.

During the last Squeak Foundation Board term, we tried to not make technical decisions on what packages/fixes should get into the mainstream image. However, IMHO, it sort of resulted in a bit of indicisions of entire community. While there is some danger that the members of board might push their pet projects into the image, in general the board should a bit more actively make such decitions. In particular, Squeak should incorporate some big ideas when they are ready. The board has to make right decisions when it comes to such things.