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Last updated at 9:26 pm UTC on 22 October 2007
As usual Squeakers will show up in the wild at OOPSLA. The Squeak Bird of a feather session is usually held during an evening:

"I think we have a tradition of doing it just after supper (ie 7:30-ish) the night before the "social event", unless it conflicts with something else we like." (quote from Dan).

The BOF is now scheduled at the OOPSLA wiki: Monday, October 22nd, after the reception at 19.00 in room 518A of the convention center, the room has a projector.

The "regular" time is usually on tuesdays, BUT... Alexandre Bergel noted that we then would have clashed with an interesting key note. :)

The BOF has the last few years consisted of a series of demos/presentations of "all things Squeak". If you are attending OOPSLA and would like to show something in an informal atmosphere, write down an entry below. Most years we have not been short on demos so be prepared to keep it "tight" like in 15-30 minutes max.

In addition to the BOF, there will be the usual table(s) of CampSmalltalk/Squeakers set up during the entire week of the conference, in a place accessible to everyone. Typically this is either near the exhibits, or just outside of the conference if they decide to only let paying attendees into the exhibit area.