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Last updated at 8:09 am UTC on 9 December 2007
Seaside28Jetsam is a package of extensions to the base Seaside 2.8

"Depends upon"
Installer ss package:'311'; install:'Kernel-Extensions'.
"Also Uses (optionally)"
Installer ss package:'Logger'; install:'Logger'.

ext 01: WAConfiguration-hasPreferenceGroup;
ext 02: WACachedDocument-clear to ensure next access the document is re-read from disk.
ext 03: WATagBrush-idNotNil: convenience method for setting ids.
ext 04: WAImageTag-fileName: restore old api, so that it can be used even though deprecated.
ext 05: WAHtmlCanvas-heading:level: restore old api, so that it can be used even though deprecated.
ext 06: WASession-download: contents mimeType: mimeType filename: fileName
Enables an anchor to respond with the file content to be downloaded.
ext 07: WADocumentHandler-mimeDocument/response
Enables documentClasses to signal respond with doNotCache by implementing #notCached
ext 08: WABatchedList-totalSize accessor
ext 09: WANotCachedDocument - document that doesnt want to be cached in memory
ext 10: WALibrary names and hence urls are not tied to the class name, #libraryName can be specified.
ext 11: WAFileHandler-responseAt:ifAbsent:/libraryAt:ifAbsent:
This resolution process enables the libarary resolved by the url to decide who serves the document.
(the default behaviour is hardwired such that that library class itself has to serve the content).
ext 12: WAStandardFilesPlus and WAStandardFilesPlusTest
- see class comment for details.
- override seaside defaults in your project, and also serve from DISK if you wish.

ext 13: WAKom class>>startOn:servingFilesFrom:
- see method comment for details
ext 14: WADispatcherControlPanel - provides common features for a UI spawned from a WADispatcherPlugIn
- For example usage see: "Magma seaside" or "Pier-PersistencyManager"
ext 15: WAKeepSessionAliveDecoration and WAJetsamConfiguration #keepSessionAlive
ext 16: ShoreHelperDecoration and WAJetsamConfiguration #enableShoreHelper
ext 17: String-#withoutTrailingSlash
ext 18 WACss
ext 19 WASession-forApp:during:
this gets you command line access to the session outside of browser
with the configuration of the named application
ext 20 Helper
ext 21 UsefulData - WACountries WAUSStates
ext 22 postProcessRequest: aRequest returned: aResponse
ext 23 #debugInternalErrors preference