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Last updated at 5:53 pm UTC on 21 October 2008
October 19-23, 2008
601 Commerce St.
Nashville, TN, US

Workshop: Smalltalk Superpowers (Their Uses for Good or Evil)

Monday, October 20 - 8:30 - 17:00
See the workshop web site.


You bet! On Tuesday evening, 18.00-20.00 in room 209 (Seaside bof at 17.00-18.00 in room 212), Göran Krampe will organize it which typically means he/I will:

BOF presentations

The BOF has the last few years consisted of a series of demos/presentations of "all things Squeak". If you are attending OOPSLA and would like to show something in an informal atmosphere, write down an entry below. Most years we have not been short on demos so be prepared to keep it "tight" like 30-45 minutes. If only a few show up we might stretch that a bit. :) If you have something you would like to show/demo/talk about, sign up here please:

Camp Smalltalk

Always! But this year a bit scattered - but check tables close to the "Open Spaces" at the far end of exhibition/coffee area, to the right.


Planning to attend? Let everyone know.

JecelAssumpcaoJr - I'll be passing through and would like to at least participate in the BOF
Ken Causey - More or less a local, I'll be on the periphery at least.
James Foster - Presenting two tutorials, one on GLASS/Seaside
Göran Krampe - I will organize the BOF, and bring a video recorder as usual and produce Xvid-torrents.
Martin McClure - I'm organizing (with Travis Griggs) the "Smalltalk Superpowers" workshop on Monday (please consider participating– see http://smalltalk-superpowers.org). I'll also be at the BOF, though I'll probably just say a few words about what's going on at GemStone.