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Squeaker: Like Docker, but for Squeak.
Last updated at 3:43 am UTC on 6 December 2021

From the README (https://github.com/tonyg/squeaker#readme):

It's a small program that helps in automated derivation of configured
Smalltalk images from some fixed base image and a collection of
Smalltalk commands. It's about 500 lines of Python, so far.

- Squeakerfile.st is like Dockerfile, except it contains locations to
fetch images from plus Smalltalk expressions to derive new images.

- squeaker build is like docker build. It manages a cache (in
$XDG_CACHE_HOME/squeaker, usually $HOME/.cache/squeaker on Unix) of
downloaded artifacts, derived images, and the stages in each derivation.

- squeaker run is like docker run. It starts a previously-downloaded
or -derived image in a temporary directory. (Future: support persistent
image instances, like docker does! Easy enough.)

- squeaker gc is like docker system prune, roughly. It cleans out the
Squeaker cache directory, treating tags as GC roots.

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