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Last updated at 7:03 pm UTC on 2 May 2017
Part of Scamper.

Uses a HTMLGridLayout.

Maintains rows and columns in
	super initialize.
	columns := OrderedCollection new.
	rows := OrderedCollection new.

Does the layout with
layout: aMorph in: newBounds
	"Compute the layout for the given morph based on the new bounds"
	|  origin x y w h |
	aMorph hasSubmorphs ifFalse: [^self].
		recomputeRatios: columns;
		recomputeRatios: rows.
	origin := newBounds origin asIntegerPoint.
	self layoutSpace: columns in: newBounds width.
	self layoutSpace: rows in: newBounds height.

	aMorph submorphs do: [ :morph | | gridPosition |
		gridPosition := morph valueOfProperty: #gridPosition.
		gridPosition notNil ifTrue: [ | column morphBounds row |
			column := columns at: gridPosition column.
			row := rows at: gridPosition row.
			x := column position.
			y := row position.
			w := column breadth.
			h := row breadth.
			morphBounds := (origin + (x@y)) corner: (origin + (x@y) + (w@h)).
			morph layoutInBounds: morphBounds.