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Morphic.js - overview
Last updated at 8:23 am UTC on 23 February 2017
A JavaScript version of Morphic


VI. the big picture
Morphic.js is completely based on Canvas and JavaScript, it is just
Morphic, nothing else. Morphic.js is very basic and covers only the
bare essentials:

In its current state morphic.js doesn't support Transforms (you
cannot rotate Morphs), but with PenMorph there already is a simple
LOGO-like turtle that you can use to draw onto any Morph it is
attached to. I'm planning to add special Morphs that support these
operations later on, but not for every Morph in the system.
Therefore these additions ("sprites" etc.) are likely to be part of
other libraries ("microworld.js") in separate files.
the purpose of morphic.js is to provide a malleable framework that
will let me experiment with lively GUIs for my hobby horse, which
is drag-and-drop, blocks based programming languages. Those things
(BYOB4 - http://byob.berkeley.edu) will be written using morphic.js
as a library.