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GitHub Survival
Last updated at 1:35 pm UTC on 9 September 2019
Problem. You got Monticello working with Squeaksource and kinda start to like it. Now though you must go back to the reality, and show your office that you are doing something. This usally means, Git or GitHub activity. How to do it ?

Solution. The right way is that you should read all the documentation available for Monticello, Metacello, FileTree ... understand what is old, what is valid only for Pharo.X.Y and so on. We will take a shortcut, becuase, for now, we just want to show up in GitHub, nothing really complex. Luckily for us somebody wrote MetacelloGit.

 Installer ensureRecentMetacello.
Metacello new
     baseline: 'MetacelloGit';
     repository: 'github://hpi-swa/metacello-git:master/repository';

Ok, now open your friend Monticello, choose one of your project already standing in Squeaksource or locally.

P.S. Do your tests with expendable code;)

Nicola Mingotti