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Secret of Mandalas
Last updated at 9:20 am UTC on 29 October 2019
Video Tutorial. See here .

Tested. On Squeak 5.2 and Morphic.

The video shows how these beautiful figures are built. First in general terms then with Smalltalk code.


Mandala is Sanskrit for bounded region and can be applied to ring, circle, band, country, society, sphere etc, see here [provided by KK-Subbu in the Squeak newbies mailing list].

Squeak comes with a Mandala drawing function builtin, which uses a completely different approach respect to what I used in my video. Try the next colde line your Workspace and click somewhere on the plot when you want to exit.
 Display restoreAfter: [ Pen new mandala: 20 ]

Made by NMI on Oct 2019.