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Fly-By-Wire - A Squeak ORB
Last updated at 11:09 am UTC on 8 November 2003
I am extending the connections framework by Tim Jones to make a small Object Request Broker (ORB) for Squeak. The ORB will allow a local RemoteProxy object to stand in for an object in any other Squeak image on the internet. All messages to the Proxy will be relayed to the remote object, and the remote answers referred back to the Proxy. I have a working version that creates a remote Object from a Smalltalk expression string relayed to the remote image. It is now possible to communicate with the remote object via the Proxy. This needs to be scaled up to handle more remote objects with more socket connections. A user interface to observe, add, and remove remote objects would also be nice.

I would really appreciate some help with this.

here is the latest change set:



A Preliminary Specification By Stefan Matthias

A Link to an RMI implementation for Squeak by Lex Spoon

A collection of material for SOAP (the new name for XML-RPC) might also be interesting here.