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aMorph knownName
Last updated at 8:00 am UTC on 30 June 2018
Implementation in
	"answer a name by which the receiver is known, or nil if none"
	^ extension ifNotNil: [extension externalName]

The answer for
 aMorph knownName
unless the name has been set for the morph with #setNameTo:.

 aMorph name
is not nil independent of the fact if a name has been set with #setNameTo: or not.

A considerable number of morphs have a knownName #line (part of a menu).
To get the morphs which have been named

 Morph allInstances select: [:m | (m knownName notNil) and: [(m knownName = #line) not]]

Note that there is also
 aMorph externalName