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Last updated at 4:15 pm UTC on 18 March 2002
Highlights of OOPSLA / Splash '99 held in Denver...

The gang of four show trial was hilarious, while highlighting a serious undertone in the Patterns community. I did find out that it was largely unscripted.

The Squeak talk by Dan Ingalls was great! Amazed quite a lot of people with its rich set of graphics and sound features (the movie/score sync demo was something that I've never seen before, too)

John McIntosh has a nice trip report at http://www.smalltalkconsulting.com/papers/tipsAndThoughts/OOPSLA1999.html

OOPSLA '99 VM Workshop "Simplicity, Performance and Portability
in Virtual Machine Design"
[With links to some interesting Squeak-related papers.
The paper written by Tim Rowledge about the work done at Interval Research is especially recommended – Andreas Kuckartz]