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List of Comanche Swikis

Nice Examples

Full Listing

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  • 2CoOL CoWeb> the largest Swiki of all times. This is a freshman level architecture class of over 160 students.
  • Matlab CoWeb> a documentation space for Matlab. Je77's GRA work.
  • Model CoWeb> a Matlab enhanced CoWeb. Bolot is the admin. (This isnt working on 2002-10-11)
  • Swiki Release Site> featuring the latest Comanche + Swiki release.
  •> Commercially hosted Swiki site
  •> Swiki site for disabilities related organizations and psychoeducational content in Catalan.

  • release Swikis
  • mostly architecture Swikis
  • architecture Swikis


  • You
  • Yourself
  • Lol
  • Pwned