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Swiki Swiki

Comanche is an open-source web server for Squeak. Comanche contains the server framework, which makes it possible to develop web applications entirely in Squeak, without the need to run an external web server. Swiki is a quite popular implementation of Ward Cunningham's WikiWikiWeb (Squeak + Wiki = Swiki) that runs under Comanche. Swiki is often also called CoWeb, short for Collaborative Web-site. Both Comanche and Swiki are implemented by Mark Guzdial's Collaborative Software Laboratory at Georgia Tech.

This site is a Swiki to document and support Comanche and Swiki. This site is meant for mainly two types of users. The first type are users who want to set up and maintain their own Swiki server. Over the last couple of versions, it has become quite easy to do this. The second type of users are those who want to develop Comanche + Swiki further. This is an open-source project, so suggestions and work from others is very welcome. As with any Wiki, you can edit the pages on this site. So, please feel free to play around with Wiki concepts on this site and let us know what you think.

These are some of the more popular pages on this site:
  • Downloading Swiki Servers: this page should guide most anybody to being able to set up a working Comanche Swiki server within 30 minutes or so.
  • Enhancements: ComSwiki's packages are very general. Depending on your usage, you may want some enhancements.
  • Swiki FAQ: this page aims to answer common questions of both administrators and developers.
  • List of Comanche Swikis: here you can see how Comanche Swiki is used in practice and some of the possibilities for extending the technology.
  • Swiki Wishlist: what additional functionality should Swikis have?
  • Swiki Buglist : a list of identified bugs in Swiki
  • Swiki Handholding : For aspiring Swikimasters who run into trouble