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How do I redirect from Apache to Swiki?

My company's Swiki is not accessible directly. There is a redirection from a apache server, so that we can use https. In httpd.conf we configured the redirection from '' to 'internalSwikiIpAdress:swikiPort'. In general this works. The problem is that all the links and images in the swiki pages are wrong when I access the swiki via the apache server. When I look at the html source code of the page I realize that the links are kind of '' instead of ''. How can I change this?

Christian Noack
One way that I have solved this kind of thing in the past is to run Apache as a reverse proxy and enable URL rewriting. This causes Apache to operate a virtual web server at your external address, and to modify any URL that it transmits to change references to the internal address to the external address. You can also turn on caching, which will take load off of the Swiki.

Would you be able to provide an excerpt from your httpd.conf file demonstrating how this is done?


Peter Burkholder
Apache as a "frontend" on top of Comanche using "reverse proxying" and "virtual hosting" hope this will help.

Isn't Comanche a configuration tool for Apache? The acronym stands for COnfiguration MANager for apaCHE in some circles.

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