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Swiki Handholding

Add your questions here, but Please check the FAQ first for answers

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  • Apparent problem: The unwary user may think that rendering is broken - in fact it is working. However the documentation of rendering is a little ambiguous.This ambiguity, taken together with a separate, minor bug can make rendering appear broken, as follows.
  • Misconception: You may think that having logged in under whatever password, if you then wish to render a wiki, you can click on the 'render' link in 'help', enter the rendering password and then proceed.
  • Unfortunate Result: If you try this, the wiki will go aphasic, while the log will reveal that the server has gone into an infinite loop declaring at each iteration that you are unauthorised (even though you just logged in using the correct rendering password. This is an incidental minor bug, but very confusing if you have the misconception.
  • Remedy: Basically the render password needs to also have been separately declared as a regular password or as the admin password. You have to have logged in using the render password in the first place - its too late to give this password when challenged on clicking the "render" link in help. Of course, if the wiki is open, then you wont be given the opportunity to login. I dont know how to invoke login on an open wiki. so as far as I know you have to login as admin first and make the wiki ask for a login, then login as renderer. There may be a simpler way, but thats my best understanding so far. But render is working now and Im very happy:-)
  • Reflection: this bug/misconception faked me out for months till I had time to dive through the code over Christmas & suddently the penny dropped. Actually Im glad I had to do that (though it took a little effort with no source or documentation) as I had the pleasure of finding all the funny blocks and scratching my head and then doing a double take and realising how the swiki browser worked and then following the trail through Paul Graham 's Viaweb and continuation browsers through to Avi's Seaside - amazing! Another win for the home team!.
  • As two extra treats having solved the puzzles, I then found this super useful page Architecture and Now ComSwiki 1.5 has just been released - Great stuff! Big thanks Jochen! Cheers, Simon Holland.
  • Still hoping to run Squeak on my Nokia 9500 communicator sometime.......
  • BTW has anyone looked at rendering Swiki XML pages into pidgin RTF? I have a sensible reason, honestly.
  • BTW where can you get the lovely edit page used here, with the convenient syntax crib?
Hi Folksss-
I see that one can password-protect Swiki's; this is well and good and works well. However, can one protect the Main/Root page as well? i.e. so that if you type in
you have to give a username/password to see anything else.

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I have a problem to run my Swikik server on a Linux system. I can not initialise the Comanche server.. In the Download instruction given by: I can't follow point nr. 4. where it is asked to ' 4. Follow the instructions in the "Comanche 5.0 / Swiki 1.3 Getting Started" window'
I can not find the getting started Window!! Where is it? I even can not find the Comanche5.0 folder!


There is a site, i'd like to change. The standart-site from Comanche.
(The page that appears when you put "localhost" in the URL)
Is it possible to change this site and how?


How is swiki different from other wiki, like moinmoin wiki or wikipedia?
I haven't seen the difference.



Well, it's a lot easier to install than either MoinMoin or MediaWiki (which is what drives the Wikipedia).

Most wikis have fewer built in administrative tools, and expect you to edit config files more often.

ComSwiki has relatively fine grained access and editing control.

ComSwiki allows you to rename pages easily.


Since ComSwiki doesn't use a database like MySQL or one of the others, I assume it gets slow when the number of pages gets high.

A number of other wiki has non-wiki features, often offered as plugins. Calendar, blogs, etc. Those can be useful if you're trying to put together a web site.

MoinMoin and some other wiki show a "trail" of the pages at which you most recently looked, at the top of the page. Personally, I like that feature a lot.

Most other wikis will list all pages in alphabetical order, and some even create an index based on the words in the wiki. ComSwiki doesn't have much structure, and I end up using "search" and the "changes" page a lot, to find my way around.


I dual boot with Windows and Linux. How can I have a swiki that
is accessible to both.


With Windows 98 put the common swiki on the fat 32 partition.
If you are using Windows XP you need to set up a fat 32 partition
as common ground between Linux and Windows since Linux cannot write
on the nt partition of Windows XP

To make a swiki that can be used by both Windows and Linux
copy the squeak executable from the Linux version into the Windows
version in the same directory with the Windows Squeak.exe.

For Windows the server can be started by simply clicking on

To start the server of the common swiki from the Linux side
go to the common swiki directory where the executables are
then in a terminal type ./apachectl off if your system is running
the apache server. Then type the command ./squeak squeak.image
to start the server.

Then go to http://localhost in your favorite browser.
You can have several swikis open at the same time by going
to http://localhost:80 http://localhost:8080 etc after
setting the ports to the corresponding servers to different

Is there a page written in everyday laymans english on how to set up a Swiki hosted on a Windows computer that is accessible to the Net? If not, can someone post that information?

I'm running swiki on macos and it keeps on locking up. Any particular issues that I should look out for? I have no problem on linux or on Macos X. I'm running the server on Macos 8.1. Is there someplace that I can find help on this matter?
 I think I found the answer. The network code on the pre-MacosX VMs
 may have  had problems. I switched to my Macos X box.

Where to host Swiki?

Q: Hello, I thought of hosting a Swiki from my lab computer and decided it would be a bad idea for various reasons. Is it possible to run a Swiki off 'webspace' on .edu domains, i.e. the space you get at If so, how? If not, is it possible to run it off some commercial sites? Or are there other solutions? Thanks!
A: Maybe. (I'm new to this...) I think there are settings for where to put the wiki files. However, Swiki is dynamic content, and hence, you have to be either running the server or able to put dynamic content on it. I'm not sure how you'd use Squeak to do dynamic content, and I think Swiki is tied into the built-in web server. Not sure, though...

Hope this helps.

Recent Vim and Swiki convert

a new scheme

After uploading a new scheme on the server, this becomes only accessible after a restart of the server.

Is it possible to see the new scheme without a reboot. Is there an actualization function?


the creators

1) I downloaded Harvest Moon and am trying to convince mgmt to let us
use it as a Knowledge Management tool. Everyone likes it so far,
but they ask is there a limit to the number of pages you
can have in the Wiki? Has it ever been stress tested?

2) Would I break anything if I blew away all the "old"
files in the "pages" directory?

how to find my swiki - un is billfont, os is1930buddy7

SamOs Page


Can Swiki search links? I tried to Search for "About Swiki" which I know is on the Help page, but it didn't show up in the results.

I'm trying to use ComSwiki on both Windows and Mac, but when I copy the 'Swiki' directory of web content to the Mac, my Swiki page replaces some links with 'Error: this should not happen'. (BTW, how useful is that?) Isn't Comanche supposed to run 'bit-identical' on Windows and Mac? What am I doing wrong?

Have you transfered it in Binary form?
Friendly regards /MW

4-3-2003: How do I perform the equivalent of a server-side include using Swiki? For example, I'm using a Swiki to capture Use Cases for a project. Each Use Case is a separate Swiki page. I'd like a "print friendly" page that contains all the Use Cases on one page suitable for printing. Can I create a All Use Cases Swiki page that contains references to all the Use Cases, such that each of the Use Cases content that I've included renders in this page? Thanks in advance and thanks to those folks who have created such a great Wiki implementation.

I just returned to the page saved a couple of days ago (because someone erased half of the questions), I belive everything is still here now. Friendly regards /MrWorm (March 18 2003)

I have a swiki server with several different swikis, listed at Each individual swiki is at Is there a way to add a button to the menu that links to Josep Ll. Ortega

Check this FAQ
Best Regards Friendly regards /MrWorm

Is there a way to create drop down boxes and have the selections stay when saved so that other users can access that same page and view the previous selections? Also want them to have the ability to enter their selections as well and save.
Any suggestions or comments are GREATLY appreciated! Please email me @

Is there a way to merge two existing swikis? I have SwikiA and SwikiB running on a single mac

Question (13 July 2004): I would like to use Swiki @ work, so one of the developers installed it on one of our servers. But any time I try to change page display, either by editing content or by changing something like the navigation scheme via the admin side, the resulting page won't resolve. It just says 'loading.' (I managed to change the nav scheme once, but that's the only success I have had.) I've tried this on PC and Mac in all kinds of browsers. Any suggestions for what the trouble might be and how to fix it? Thanks,

Question: how to create a two colums page in a swiki?

Thanks to let me know at:

A: You'd probably have to use CSS. I'm not sure how exactly to do it... google for it :-).

Hope this helps
RecentVim and Swiki convert

You can do it with plain HTML. I have two tables here http:\\ Please use the code If you like.

Question: Sometimes (seldom) it happens, that an edited swiki page cannot be saved: the saving process does not come to an end. Does anybody know how to repair this? (There seems to be a coincidence with the "Recent Changes" contents. We found that there is shown a change "by unknown" for such a not editible page.) H.P.

How can I add "breadcrumb trail" navigation to a template?

Is there a way to bind Swiki/Comanche to listen on a single interface (single IP) rather than all network interfaces on Linux?

PS. Mr Worm added the above text box for unfamiliar SWiki users to add context here, Feel free to also use the edit button to the right.

    • Not -that- right. The other, leftish sort of right.