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How do I configure Swiki headless?

Question: Is there a possibility to configure the swiki on a Server without a X-Environment ? I solved this by configuring the Image on a computer with X and copied it to the server without X. But isn't this a little bit stupid ? Swiki doesn't need X at all and could be configured through textfiles where Port and other items are set.

Chris Burkert

Answer: Yes, you can actually give Squeak a file with Smalltalk code in it as an argument and do the configuring/startup in there. An example bash-script to start Squeak headless with any image in the same directory and then running the code in the file "" upon startup.

./squeak -headless .image

Don't forget to "chmod +x" this script so you can run it. The exact contents of the script for configuring Swiki I don't have handy. Mail me att and I can dig it up for you.

Answer: I solved the problem. Run the Swiki with:
# squeak -headless squeak.image
The Configuration File looks something like this:
ComSwikiLauncher allInstances do:
[ :instance |
  instance port: 8000.
  instance isOn ifTrue: [ instance stopServer ].
  instance startServer.
Chris Burkert

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