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Morphic Tutorial FAQ (outdated)
Last updated at 3:36 pm UTC on 23 October 2015
Due to the overwhelming popularity of my Morphic essay, I've decided to write up a FAQ.

Q: I'm having trouble opening up Morphs in The AlignmentMorph example. What should I do?

Answer: First, I would congratulate myself for having gotten that far. Believe me, other folks are having trouble getting through that first page. "The perfect cure for insomnia" is what I've heard.

Secondly, I think John Maloney said it best when he stated:

This tutorial is meant to be used in a Morphic Project. To create a Morphic Project simply hold the mouse button down on the Squeak window background, away from any other windows it contains, to get the screen menu. Select "open..." and then select "project (morphic)". A small orange "Unnamed" morphic project window appears. Click in the middle of it to zoom into the new Morphic Project. (If you are not sure where you are, just pop up the screen menu - if its title is "World", you are already in a Morphic Project.)

At this point, I would go to the fridge and get my favorite beverage of choice. Preferably one with a lot of caffeine so you can keep your eyes open for the rest of the page.

The buttons you use look strange and rather block like. How can I make them look better?

The graphic Morphs are meant to be viewed in 16 bit color. If you computer supports 16 bit color, enter into the World menu, Appearance, Display Depth, and select 16.