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Creating a Morph
Last updated at 11:10 pm UTC on 6 June 2018
You can create a morph by choosing the menu item 'new morph...', or by using the object tool or by dragging a morph from the Flaps.

You can also create morphs from code. When you create a Morph in a Workspace, for example:

  Morph new
it does not display. To display the morph, send it the message openInWorld:

  Morph new openInWorld
This adds the Morph to the the desktop morph. (Project current world).

Some Morphs have special creator methods. See, for example, SketchMorph or ThumbnailMorph.

See also

Example - aMorph addMorph: anotherMorph (no layout and TableLayout)