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Last updated at 6:49 am UTC on 18 November 2017
A BookMorph is a collection of pages, each of which is a place to put morphs. Allows one or another page to show; orchestrates the page transitions; offers control panel for navigating among pages and for adding and deleting pages.

The pages of the BookMorph are instances of PasteUpMorph.

To create a new BookMorph, you have the following options

A newly created BookMorph has a single page and a set of simple controls at the top (BookMorph navigation implementation).

The controls are left and right arrows, which go to the previous and next pages; a filled circle, which displays a menu; and an open circle, which displays additional controls when clicked. The additional controls are double-left and double-right arrows, which go to the first or last pages, and + and - buttons which add or delete pages.

The onscreen size of a BookMorph is the size of whichever page it is displaying. To resize a page, yellow-click within the page area twice (once to display the BookMorph's halo, again to display the halo of the embedded page), and then use the Change Size element of the halo to resize the page.

Other Morphs can be dropped onto any page.

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