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Michael Maloney
Last updated at 6:29 pm UTC on 19 October 2006
mailto: amaloney@earthlink.net

While I am not a newbie to programming,
(I wrote my first program in 1972), I am new to

My intent is to document my learning process
to help others on the path to Squeaking.

That's great! Don't hesitate to ask questions on the email list.
Which books do you read?

I would recommend Gene Korienek, Tom Wrensch & Doug Dechow, Squeak: A Quick Trip to ObjectLand.
(more see Squeak books in print)
You could then focus more on the things not explained there. Squeak has an large library and one could do an incredible number of things in a creative way relatively easy if there were less stumbling stones in terms of missing explanation of necessary things.

Hannes Hirzel.

23 February 2002
Michael Maloney is my attempt to help others learn
by documenting my own learning experience.
My intent is to use references to pages already on the swiki
where appropriate and to write new material where needed.
Suggestions / comments are appreciated.

23 February 2002 - Hannes Hirzel

Great that somebody other takes on this brave endeavour! This will help the Squeak community if learners find good material on all levels.

May I suggest that you take on a more encyclopedic writing style, ...

The rest of this reply has been moved to Thoughts on documentation.