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Luciano Esteban Notarfrancesco
Last updated at 3:50 pm UTC on 14 January 2006
Luciano Notarfrancesco is an active member of the Squeak community.

He has great interest on speech synthesis and speech coding. Take a look at the project Squeak speaks!, that includes an implementation of a Klatt formant synthesizer. He has applied Linear Predictive analysis to speech compression (LPC and RPELTP), speech modification and music synthesis in Squeak.

He worked on physical models for musical instruments, and on a facial animation project, of course all of it in Squeak. He's interested on synthetic characters, facial and body gestures synthesis and avatars.

Luciano is a proud member of the International Association for the Protection of the Artificial Life, organization that protects all kinds of symbolic and imaginary beings. See (in Spanish) http://clubdego.swiki.net/119.

Luciano is part of MathMorphs (see the MathMorph swiki at http://MathMorphs.swiki.net) and member of SUGAR (Smalltalk User Group of Argentina) http://sugar.swiki.net/.

He has worked with Gerardo Richarte, Leandro Caniglia, Valeria Murgia, Francisco Garau and other MathMorphs members in the creation of Morphic Wrappers, and they are currently working on SqueakNOS.