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SBlog Start Image
Last updated at 1:42 am UTC on 17 January 2006
The contest will begin with a predefined Squeak image, Squeak 3.6.

Note that there are several packages on SqueakMap which may be applicable to the domain. Implementors may make their own selections of existing packages, create new code from scratch. Here's a couple of packages that are hanging around that may be useful:

I remember in older versions, the XML-RPC code required: - Spy-XML-RPC (jb)

I hope no one minds me putting the links to Squeak Map and where to get this stuff. I thought it might make things easier! (btb)

Steps I Used To Get The Toolbench (btb):

(Blaine built a start image with and put it temporarily at http://www.blainebuxton.com/squeak/sblog-start.zip)

I did have problems saving my image because it seems XMLRPC needs an older version of Comanche. Did anyone else run into this problem? It would be awesome to turn this set of steps into a changeset as well.
I did not try doing anything with this image yet. My time will be very constrained until the end of this week. Hope this helps anyway. (btb)

(jb) I sent a message to Markus about this; he said that he would look at the problem and fix it if possible. Markus wrote back:

I've tested and came to the conclusion that this code snippet is
"enough" to start the xmlrpc-server with comache 6.1:
| ma xs |
xs := XMLRPCHttpModule new.
ma := ModuleAssembly core.
ma alias: '/xmlrpc' to: [ma addPlug: [:request | xs process: request]].
(HttpService startOn: 8080 named: 'httpd') plug: ma rootModule

Regards, Markus

Script To Load Everything BUT XML-RPC:
packages:=OrderedCollection new.
add: (SMSqueakMap default cardWithName: 'SqueakMap');
add: (SMSqueakMap default cardWithName: 'KomHttpServer').

packages do: [:each | (SMInstaller forPackage: each directory: SMLoader downloadDirectory) install].
((Smalltalk at: #MCMcvReader) versionFromStream: (HTTPSocket httpGet: 'http://tai42.xs4all.nl/~cg/mc/OmniBase-CdG.8.mcv')) load.

Say yes and OK to everything. It will install the new SqueakMap, Monticello, KomHttpServer, Seaside, and Omnibase. ENJOY! Let me know if anyone has a problem! (btb)

(jb) The above does not work for me. Kom tries to load a Seaside package that it can't find and it gets all confused.

Also, OmniBase doesn't pass the tests on my machine. First problem, OmniBase>>testDir isn't created correctly on my PC, renaming the directory to something else like 'OmniTest' fixes it. Secondly, after installing, the class ODBGarbageCollector is not present so the later tests fail (tests greater than test12). These are just heads up types of details. OmniBase probably hasn't been exercised on the PC much, typical file directory problems.
Note: Garbage collection is not included in the core version of OmniBase, so the later tests (tests greater than test12) should fail.

(edc Edgar De Cleene).
Put the exact number version for each package and load order.
I said have a SBlog.image, but not sure if the correct.
Alos having problems witn Blaine recipe

I'm having problems with the recipe above as well. So, I build an image from scratch with the 19 version of the image. Get it here

See also: SBlog Start Image

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