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Bug Fixes Archive Viewer, v. 1.31
Last updated at 11:59 am UTC on 17 January 2006

BFAV has been replaced by the Mantis Server

The information on this page is maintained only for its historical value.

A few patches to fix bugs found in the 1.29 release.

Release date:
November 13, 2003

These fixes were incorporated with no changes. Here are the changesets as submitted to the list:

Date Posted Title Author Description
8 November 2003 [BUG][FIX] BFAVSingleDigitIds, 2nd try Ken Causey Fixes post id-handling issue when the post id is a single digit.
8 November 2003 [[FIX] bfav-saveInBinary Lex Spoon Ensures that file is in binary mode before writing to it.