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SBlog - User Story
Last updated at 4:21 pm UTC on 14 January 2006
Here's a user story about how the Squeak Weblog Server might be used.

Silly Sally is a just a girl on the Internet having fun. One day, Silly Sally decides that she wants a weblog, and remembers that her favorite programming language, Squeak, has a weblog server.

After building an apporpriate image, Silly Sally is ready to begin weblogging.

Silly Sally logins in for the first time using a default user name and password into an administrative area. The administrative area allows her to create a new weblog, or create a new account for one of her friends. Only administrators have access to this special place. Silly Sally can then select one of her weblogs to begin editing. Selecting the weblog takes her to a place to work on her weblog. When one of her friends logs in to edit their weblog, they are taken to this weblog editing place too.

The weblog editor has a couple of features. First there is a listing of the last several entry titles, which Sally may use to select one of her older posts for editing or deletion. Second, there is a button or link so that Sally may add a new entry.

The new entry editor allows Sally to add a title and body text to a post entry. Also, the editor allows Sally to associate a category with her post, for example 'Squeak' or 'Girls Gone Wild'. When Sally is done, she may publish the post by pressing a 'Post' button, or cancel the new entry all together by hitting 'Cancel'. Editing an existing entry is analagous.

When a post is 'published' several things happen conceptually. The post is saved, so that Silly Sally can come back at a later time and make changes if need be. Next, an 'archive' entry of the post is generated. After that, the post shows up on the 'main page', which is simply a listing of the latest several posts sorted in chronological order by posting time. Silly Sally likes things pretty, so she has a CSS style sheet associated with both the archive page and the front page. This allows for different 'styles' or 'themes' to be displayed when her friends look at her weblog over the Internet. A little 'RSS' button is on her weblog to tell her friends where to get the syndication content.

Because Silly Sally is very popular, she also makes available a RSS feed so that others know when she has updated her weblog. The RSS feed is updated whenever Sally makes a new post or edits a post in her weblog.

It's important to note that Silly Sally wants to tell her friends where the URL to her weblog is at. Also, Sally wants her friends to make comments on her weblog if they want to, so the weblog has to have a link for that on both the main and archive pages.

Sometimes Silly Sally wants to be able to use a more advanced tool then the web interface to her blog to post some of her thoughts. Fortunately she remembers that the Squeak Weblog Server supports a XML-RPC interface, so she can use her favorite desktop clients, as long as she knows the address of the interface.

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