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Last updated at 7:20 am UTC on 9 August 2017
Subclass of AbstractFont

Class comment:

I represent a font that uses TrueType derived glyph. Upon a request for glyph for a character through a call to #formOf: (or #widthOf:), I first search corresponding glyph in the cache. If there is not, it creates a 32bit depth form with the glyph.

The cache is weakly held. The entries are zapped at full GC.


Important method:
 displayString: aString on: aBitBlt from: startIndex to: stopIndex at: aPoint kern: kernDelta baselineY: baselineY


This method is called from
   DisplayText composeForm
 Project composeDisplayTextIntoForm: displayText
It uses TTGlyph to create an instance of Form.

See also

Liberation Sans TrueType font (installation by drag and drop)
Installing and debugging TrueType fonts (an example how to tweak a TrueType font)