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Last updated at 9:49 am UTC on 4 March 2022
Subclass of AbstractFont

Class comment:

I represent a font that uses TrueType derived glyph. Upon a request for glyph for a character through a call to #formOf: (or #widthOf:), I first search corresponding glyph in the cache. If there is not, it creates a 32bit depth form with the glyph.

The cache is weakly held. The entries are zapped at full GC.


Important method:
 displayString: aString on: aBitBlt from: startIndex to: stopIndex at: aPoint kern: kernDelta baselineY: baselineY


This method is called from
   DisplayText composeForm
 Project composeDisplayTextIntoForm: displayText
It uses TTGlyph to create an instance of Form.

March 2022: new import method, see comment.

 TTCFont class >> #installFromFileNames:
 TTCFont class >> #uninstallFontNames:

See also

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