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Starting up Morphic
Last updated at 8:40 am UTC on 11 May 2017
Morphic is the default user interface since Squeak version 3.0. This means you have a MorphicProject active as the top project when you start Squeak for the first time.

To create a new subproject choose the 'Projects' menu, followed by 'New project' and then the type of subproject you want.


Squeak used to start up in the MVC user interface.

Since version 3.0, Squeak starts up in Morphic. (So, you don't need to follow the steps below to use Morphic, although it's often nice to work in a fresh Morphic project with no other windows present.)

To work within the Morphic user interface, it is recommended that you create your own Morphic The Future of Squeak, 1999 and enter it. Follow these steps:

You are now in your Morphic project. You can use the main (World) menu to open windows, create morphs, and explore! Morphic has all of the development tools and browsers that are available in MVC, plus special scripting and morph manipulation capabilities.

To return to your original The Future of Squeak, 1999, select "previous project" from the World menu.