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The page formerly known as Squeak Test Page (TPFKASTP)
Last updated at 1:48 pm UTC on 16 January 2006

Squeak is evolving very rapidly! Squeakland.org is alredy pretty amazing and it is just getting started.

Please write anything by clicking on "edit"

Squeak has a very cute logo.Uploaded Image: sqlogo2.gif
Squeak Home Page: http://www.squeak.org

secret page

This is emphasized!

Hi this is a test from Jess of the features of this page - Have a great day !!!

Prueba desde la UV

Ergh? What exactly am I doing here?

I want my mommy.

Success! I didn't figure out the "+myattachment+" thing, but as you can see, I uploaded an image. Cool. Thanks.

Uploaded Image: daemon.gif

Well, have I really installed the Squeak to NetScape plugin correctly? (JTS)
''italic maybe''
'''bold maybe'''
bullet list

Table test:


Hmm.. Adds a bit more spacing than required..
Oh, well.

?a marche !?
Dit is die demo

leuk hoor, je eigen pagina's maken..

Uploaded Image: image biblio.gif
salut toto

buzz off yuo slobargoat


Well done!

Hi all. This is a fantastic technology.

Even details like the histor are very


Slartibartfast is the man.

Tester tester.

Hi from Munich Germany, Expimenting with Squeak since 2 Days ! Nice but sometimes very uncommon. visit www.learn2prog.de (in german language) to learn2program with Struktograms (need JavaRuntime 1.3)


test test 1..2..3...

why not try a The page formerly known as Squeak Test Page (TPFKASTP)

Home at last.


hello ! When trying to download "The Joy of Smalltalk" from Uploads, the pdf would'nt open !...please HELP ! at sumeetgupta00@yahoo.com
"Does not compute; Insufficient data."

Dec. 3rd, 2001

Hello, I'm a new Squeaker. I was wondering if Squeak will ever have support for LDAP?

James T. Romano

Yes James, Squeak will have support for LDAP. -RHE