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Blue Book - Part Two
Last updated at 7:20 am UTC on 22 February 2019
Table of contents

6 Protocol for all Objects
Testing the Functionality of an Object
Comparing Objects
Copying Objects
Accessing the Parts of an Object
Printing an Storing Objects
Error Handling

7 Linear Measures
Class Blue Book - Part Two
Class Date
Class Time
Class Character

8 Numerical Classes
Protocol of the Numer Classes
Classes Float and Fraction
Integer Classes
Class Random: A Random Number Generator

9 Protocol for All Collection Classes
Adding, Removing, and Testing Elements
Enumerating Elements
Instance Creation
Conversion among Collection Classes

10 Hierarchy of the Collection Classes
Class Bag
Class Set
Class Dictionary and IdentityDictionary
Class SequenceableCollection
Subclasses of SequenceableCollection
Class ArrayedCollection
Class MappedCollection
Summary of Conversions Among Collections

11 Three Examples that Use Collections
Random Selection and Playing Cards
The Drunken Cockroach Problem
Traversing Binary Trees

12 Protocol for Streams
Class Stream
Positionable Stream
Streams of Generated Elements
Streams for Collections Without External Keys
External Streams and File Streams

13 Implementations of the Basic Collection Protocol
Class Collection
Subclasses of Collection

14 Kernel Support
Class UndefinedObject
Classes Boolean, True, and False
Additional Protocol for Class Object

15 Multiple Independent Processes
Class SharedQueue
Class Delay

16 Protocol for Classes
Class Behavior
Class ClassDescription
Class Metaclass
Class Class

17 The Programming Interface
Error Reporting

18 Graphics Kernel
Graphical Representation
Graphical Storage
Graphical Manipulation
Classes Form and Bitmap
Spatial Reference
Class BitBlt
Line Drawing
Text Display
Simulation of BitBlt

19 Pens
Class Pen
Geometric Designs
Commander Pen

20 Display Objects
Class DisplayObject
Class Form
Display Text
Image Manipulation with Forms