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Squeak VM CVS guidelines (obsolete)
Last updated at 6:00 pm UTC on 24 October 2006

This is now obsolete. We now use SubVersion instead.

A page on use of SubVersion is needed to replace this information. See Getting source using the SubVersion repository for a start. The remains of this page have been mangled to cut out the obvious junk and leeve in parts that might still be useful.

Please do help out with more details, specific information about the Squeak VM source tree should of course also be added.

First thing

If you are interested in helping out developing the Squeak VM ports you should:
  1. Read these Swiki pages, especially VMMaker. It really contains essential information to avoid that you make a fool of yourself! :-)
  2. Join the vm-dev mailinglist . You subscribe to it by sending an email to: vm-dev-subscribe@discuss.squeakfoundation.org


I have tried to summarize the most important here in a bullet list:

{Does any of the above still make sense for subversion?}