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STT - Smalltalk Templates
Last updated at 5:33 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
Last revision: 13/Jul/2002

Author: Federico G. Stilman - Thanks to Diego Gomez Deck for the idea!

Project Description

The same way ASP, JSP, PHP, etc. do it, STT's idea is to make possible to write Smalltalk code within the context of an HTML, or any kind of document. For instance,

This is number {%= 5 + 2 %}, and this are repeating words:
{% 10 timesRepeat: [ %}
{% ] %}

is a simple template that STT can process to produce some output.



How to use

The following code will generate a #test template sending the resulting String to a file named testFile.
See class methods in category "examples" for more information.
f := FileStream newFileNamed: 'testFile'.
f nextPutAll: STTTemplate test.
f close

Known problems of this version



STT Ports to other Smalltalks