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EventRecorder Enhancement Project
Last updated at 12:17 am UTC on 1 November 2006



Sam S. Adams is the Steward for the EventRecorderMorph as of 3/3/2003. He announced on the squeak-dev list on 2/24/2003 that he is investigating the EventRecorderMorph code. He is working on the primary goal of this project: creating a SqueakMap package for EventRecorderMorph. [bkv]

Bugs & Fixes:


3.4 Release

We are working on harvesting a list of known bugs for EventRecorderMorph in the 3.4 release. [ 3/3/2003 bkv]

Fixes That Need Testing

Fixes That Have Been Verified ( testers, please put your initials )



(1) Make the events relative to some specified PasteUpMorph, and make it so they can be played back relative to another. This would help insulate playbacks from variations in the World layout.
(2) Extend EventRecorder to be usable from test cases so you could test UI stuff.
(3) Improve EventRecorder's ability to sync with audio input ( someone talking as they do a demo )

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