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BFAV2 Release 2.31
Last updated at 4:22 pm UTC on 14 January 2006

BFAV has been replaced by the Mantis Server

The information on this page is maintained only for its historical value.

Prior release: BFAV2 Release 2.30

Bugs/Fixes and Ehancements in BFAV 2.31 (for 3.9)

This release adds the following:
1. Fixes the problem where the Patch Archieve Client was not always listing posting groups in decending order by the last post posted (so that posts with the most recent comments are at the top.)
2. Fixed Jump to Post. Got an MNU (reported by Frank Shearar).
3. Fixed problem where Attachments were not attaching correctly on replies.
4. Fixed downloadDetails. Now if you open a PatchArchiveClient & hit "download details for" you'll get a FITBM with " - " (which we had before). If, however, you click around a bit, the FITBM will have "a - b" where a is the lesser of the selected post id & the previously selected post id, and b the greater.
5. Improves performance of load of Archive, cutting the load time to one-sixth or it previous value. As part of this, the notify window now only updates about once every hundred posts.
6. Improves performance of download of post details. As part of this, we
a) no longer write zips.list latest.zip listing.zip, or email nnn-nnn.zip files,
b) no longer go to server to get email file name if we can figure it out and
c) we now download everytime we update listing, instead of everytime download details for a really new post.
7. Fixed bug where using the duplicate halo icon produce garbled listings. (reported by Frank Shearar).
8. Fixed bug with nil dates (provide by Brent Pinkney)


We now have 165 sunit tests. To run them, select all tests beginning with:
Some test require you have an email address