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BFAV2 Release 2.30
Last updated at 10:37 pm UTC on 8 December 2006

BFAV has been replaced by the Mantis Server

The information on this page is maintained only for its historical value.

Next release: BFAV2 Release 2.31 Prior release: BFAV2 Release 2.11 / 2.12

Bugs/Fixes and Ehancements in BFAV 2.30 (for 3.9)

1. The ability to "reopen" closed posting groups. More generally, the ability to reset a group from "closed", "update" or "approved" status back to "open." – This is achieved by adding an "open" radio button to the Harvesting Status pane of the Decent Review NotePad. Click on the open button will cause the post group to be reset to bugs/or reviewed status (once the DRNP is sent.) Following a suggestion by Doug Way, we allows for multiple close, open, close, open events by taking the last relevant event as the groups status. If you want to back up one step from say update to approve, you've got to open, and then approve. You should only use this if you are the HarvestMaster or if you had accidently set the status in the first place.

2. The ability to "transfer" a post from one group to the next. More generally, the ability to make a copy of a post in one group and add it to another. – This is achieved by use of a new window: Dual Patch Archive Client. A DPAC containds two Patch Archive Clients and can be opened by
DualPatchArchiveClient open
You can use a DPAC to do anything you can with a PAC, plus you can transfer posts. To to so:
Limitations: (a) This copies the post, it does not remove the post from the old group. You can closed the old posting group in the usual manner if appropriate. (b) This does not copy changes sets or attachements automatically. You can do so by downloading them to you machine, and then attaching them to the message in the usuall way before send. (c) The two sides of DPAC are independant. Loading updates to one PAC does not update update the other.

3. Added a tab to the Patch Archive Client for "Bugs". The Bugs shows all posts with Bugs ([BUG] in the title) that have not yet been approved, added as an update or closed. A group with[BUG] [BUG]in the title will still show up in this listing. (Thanks to Text attribute stuff.)

4. Fixed tab grouping so that a posting group appears in one and only one tab.

5. Added progress notifier so that when downloading the post post listing for the first time you can see that posts are being loaded (the count is now 25k plus.) (Thanks to German Morales.) Made several other modest fixes to make sure a busy icon showed when PAC was busy talking to the server.

6. Modified to support m17n, translation. In particular fixed the problem trying to download attachements. Also made some modest changes to support 'translated' in more places.

7. Changed PAC, DRNP and various notiver window to take into account default font sizes and to work better with a Dual PAC.

8. Change logic so that deleting all text in the search fields and pressing reset to a search all ('') rather returning no results. (Thanks to Text attribute stuff.)

9. Made Decent Reviewer Note Pad a proper system window so that clicking on other system windows brings them to the top. (Thanks to Ned Konz.) Removed the close button.

10. Make sure posts are sorted by date and time (Thanks to Ned Konz.)

11. Added a new header (X-Squeak-Version) to the mails sent by BFAV.(Thanks to Samuel Tardieu.)

12. Includes fix to prevent posts with nil dates from stoping update of posts (thanks to Brent Pinkney).

13. Continue to refactor code to make smaller methods with intention revealing messages and unit tests. Refactored tests cases to move common functionality to MorphicTestCase. In support of testing of send allowed PAC to sent to Server only for all types.

ArchiveListingRowTest 3 3 0 0
ArchivePostBugTest 22 22 0 0
ArchivePostFixTest 10 10 0 0
ArchivePostGroupReopenTest 7 7 0 0
ArchivePostGroupTest 7 7 0 0
ArchiveRepositoryTest 7 7 0 0 ArchiveRepositoryUpdatingTest 1 1 0 0
DecentReviewerNPBugReportTest 6 6 0 0
DecentReviewerNPChangeSetSubmitTest 2 2 0 0
DecentReviewerNPReopenTest 2 2 0 0
DecentReviewerNPTransferTest 12 12 0 0
DecentReviewerNotePadTest 10 10 0 0
DualPatchArchiveClientTest 6 6 0 0
MailUtilTest 2 2 0 0
PatchArchiveClientGroupTest 8 8 0 0
PatchArchiveClientSingletonTest 9 9 0 0
PatchArchiveClientTest 6 6 0 0
PatchArchiveTest 1 1 0 0
ReviewerPostTest 23 23 0 0

Installation Notes

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