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Andrew C. Greenberg
Last updated at 12:02 pm UTC on 19 October 2006
Home: werdna@mucow.com
Office: agree@carltonfields.com
Method/Module Signature: acg

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I used to design and publish computer games for a living, including Wizardry, Star Saga and others. Then, I returned to a first love, the law. So for a time I was a patent lawyer, practicing primarily in the software arts and other areas of computer law. I drafted substantial portions of Florida's Electronic Signature Act and write and speak often on issues of intellectual property, computer, internet and technology law. After a brief dalliance with techland, serving as Vice-President of Engineering, Research and Development for the NetWolves Corporation, I have returned once more to the practice of law.

Don't worry, however. I'm still a geek at heart who codes in his spare time when he's not hacking the U.S. and Florida legal systems. My contibutions include the following:

Squeak Smalltalk: A Quick Reference is an ad hoc collection of information about Squeak and Smalltalk-80 for the experienced programmer who is beginning to work with Squeak.

Specifications For Named Primitives. I revised the Squeak code translator and interprter to provide support for automatic in-line generation of so-called "glue" for named primitives, and generally to ease the process of creating plugins.

Streaming Integers. for Named Primitives I have implemented support for integer streams for named primitives to provide a means to express constructs such as

self cCode: 'while(next=*ptr++) {...next...}'

Applescript Plugin. I have implemented a plugin providing access to Applescript from within squeak.

Regular Expression Compiler PlugIn. (a.k.a. Andrew C. Greenberg) I have created a plug-in and support classes linking Squeak to Hazel's GPL'd PCRE regular expression library (the same libraries used in Python). With it, you can code and match full Perl-Style regular expressions, complete with virtually unlimited subgroup capture, positive and negative lookahead and lookbehinds, the whole works.

You can find a file-in, documentation and binaries for Macintosh PPC, Wintel platforms and HP-UX at: http://www.mucow.com/RePlugin.html.

I've also contributed some rudimentary documentation on Named Primitives, which may be helpful for those who want to extend Squeak.