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Last updated at 8:46 pm UTC on 4 September 2022
The Browser is the fundamental development tool in Squeak for reading ("browsing") and editing Smalltalk source code. It takes the place of all those rather vanilla text editors people use for coding in lesser languages and is tightly integrated into the development process. You use it to read code, add new code, edit existing code, change class definitions and hierarchies etc. It does it live; make an edit, accept it and the new code is compiled and in use right away.

You can open a Browser in Squeak
 ToolBuilder open: Browser

The classic 5-paned Smalltalk "System Browser" looks like this in Squeak:
Uploaded Image: Browser3.png

(The browser in this picture also has the optionalButtons and annotationPanes Preferences turned on. These are the two horizontal panes cutting across the middle of the browser... they can be very useful.)

You can also choose to use a six-paned browser where the packages are gathered into groups, which makes each list a bit shorter. You can set this option in the Preference Browser with 'Browser shows package pane'
Uploaded Image: Browser4.png

See also Basic Squeak Development Tools for information on related browsers such as the Hierarchy Browser.

There are other powerful Alternative Browsers which have more recently been developed for Smalltalk and/or Squeak. Some of these are the