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Last updated at 9:36 pm UTC on 20 January 2020
The Preferences window in Squeak lets you adjust the settings of many preferences.
 PreferenceBrowser open
Or from menu 'Tools'

Read Preferences class comment first.

ReleaseBuilder class setPreferences

Preferences in Squeak 5.3

Access the preference browser from the Tools Menu on the Docking Bar. The help button provides instructions on how to use it. The screen shot shows the menu and the browser after it is opened, along with the help window, a selected preference and its more popup window. If you want to experiment with the settings, use the "save to disk" button first in order to restore the settings later, if necessary.
Uploaded Image: Preferences Squeak 5.png

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How to lockdown an image for release for examples of setting Preferences programmatically.
Preferences cmdGesturesEnabled