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Unicode in Squeak
Last updated at 2:04 pm UTC on 11 November 2010
Squeak 3.8g includes Unicode support mostly done by Yoshiki Ohshima in the last six years. In short, a few people have produced a lot of good work, but more is needed, especially regarding the visual display of text.



The printed, bound edition of The Unicode Standard 4.0 costs $60+tax (USD) in California, $60 (USD) in the USA and Canada, and $60+shipping (USD) around the world. The Unicode Consortium publishes the standard online without charge for access. Still, the book is worth the money for the serious implementor: 1504 large pages of expert typography and clear figures, printed in high-quality ink in fine resolution on acid-free, semi-glossy paper. To print your own copy from the online PDF documents would cost a small fortune in paper and either toner or ink. A local bookstore may have a used copy.

Is Unicode good enough?

Suzanne Topping, an expert in internationalization (i18n) and localization (L10n), explores objections to The Unicode Standard in "The secret life of Unicode: A peek at Unicode's soft underbelly".

"Unicode" is a trademark of, and "The Unicode Standard" is a registered trademark of, Unicode, Inc.

Planning an implementation strategy

The Design and Implementation of Multilingualized Squeak, a whitepaper by Yoshiki Ohshima and Kazuhiro Abe.