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FAQ: Corrupted Source when Downloading
Last updated at 9:19 am UTC on 7 May 2003
I downloaded a fresh copy of 2.5 and the Browser seems to be having problems with offsets into the changes file. Many of the methods have their initial text truncated. A look at the changes file doesn't reveal much, but it is pretty large.

So, for example, when I browse Collection#anyOne, I see the following:

epresentative sample of an element, can be very helpful
when needing to preinfer the nature of the contents of
semi-homogeneous collections"> self do: [:each | ^ each].
^ self errorEmptyCollection

When downloading Squeak files which contain text, some programs re-interpret line endings, which causes this problem. Therefore all files should be downloaded as binary files. (Netscape, for example, has been known to re-interpret line endings if you're downloading an uncompressed text file such as the SqueakV2.sources file. A direct ftp transfer program, such as Fetch, is preferable.)

Also, expander/decompression software can try to re-interpret line endings, which should be avoided. For example, when using Stuffit Expander on a Mac, you must set the setting which tells it not to re-interpret line endings – its default is to change them. For more details, see Download for Macintosh.

Other Known issues

This problem also happens if you do a

after changing the default concreteStream to a CrLfFileStream.

If anyone knows the solution please post it. McSee

The only solution I found is Never change the concreteStream method