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Harvest Master Tools
Last updated at 7:21 pm UTC on 27 March 2007
updateMe This is out of date. This functionality is now available for the new bug system via Installer

The primary tool used by the Harvest Master is the Update Incorporation Tool, a simple tool used in association with the BugFixArchiveViewer.

The Update Incorporation Tool is used by selecting attachments (changesets) in the BFAV and selecting "add to updates tool", one at a time. These form a list in the UpdateIncorporationTool. These changesets can then be tweaked, and then automatically given update # prefixes as a group, broadcasted to the update stream as a group, and then have [update - xxxx] messages posted as a group.

At some point I'd like to create some sort of submission-verification tool too, which could perform various automatic checks on a bugfix or enhancement submission before it is incorporated. (The same verification could also happen when the bugfix/enhancement is first submitted.) For example, it could make sure the changeset has a preamble, doesn't have any undeclared references, it's not missing any author initials timestamps, etc. -dew

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