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Last updated at 6:23 am UTC on 29 October 2017


The class FileList is available in a Squeak 2.5 and earlier images whereas FileServices has been introduced in Squeak 3.9 (November 2006).

class comment of class #FileList and comments below need to be updated as they are outdated and misleading in certain aspects..

=================== Summary ====================

Name: Tools-tpr.770
Author: tpr
Time: 28 October 2017, 1:20:10.016299 pm
UUID: 70254f01-f4e8-47ae-8907-de13158e10f4
Ancestors: Tools-tpr.769

Add FileChooserDialog and FileSaverDialog; these are experimental modal dialogs intended as replacements for FileList2>modalFileSelector, FileChooser, StandardFileMenu and several other ugly horrors.

Class comment in Squeak 5.1

I am model that can be used to navigate the host file system. By omitting the volume list, file list, and template panes from the view, I can also be used as the model for an editor on an individual file.

The FileList now provides a registration mechanism to which any tools the filelist uses MUST register. This way it is possible to dynamically load or unload a new tool and have the FileList automatically updated. This change supports a decomposition of Squeak and removes a problem with dead reference to classes after a major shrink.

Tools should implement the following methods (look for implementors in the image):

These methods both return a collection of SimpleServiceEntry instances. These contain a class, a menu label and a method selector having one argument. They may also provide separate button labels and description.

The argument to the specified method will be a string representing the full name of a file when one is selected or the file list itself when there is no selected file.

Tools must register with the FileList calling the class method #registerFileReader: when they load. They also must call #unregisterFileReader: when they unload.

There is a testSuite called FileListTest that presents some examples.

Stef (I do not like really this distinction passing always a file list could be better)

Old Comments:

FileLists can now see FTP servers anywhere on the net. In the volume list menu:
fill in server info... Gives you a form to register a new ftp server you want to use.
open server... Choose a server to connect to.
local disk Go back to looking at your local volume.

Still undone (you can contribute code):
[ ] Using a Proxy server to get out through a firewall. What is the convention for proxy servers with FTP?
[ ] Fill in the date and size info in the list of remote files. Allow sorting by it. New smarts needed in (ServerDirectory fileNameFormattedFrom:sizePad:sortMode:).
[ ] Currently the FileList has no way to delete a directory. Since you can't select a directory without going into it, it would have to be deleting the current directory. Which would usually be empty.

FileList class comments - earlier versions