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Change Sorter
Last updated at 1:09 am UTC on 3 April 2009
The Change Sorter is a tool for viewing, manipulating and saving ChangeSets.

To open a Change Sorter, bring up the World menu, select "open...", and then select "simple change sorter" or "dual change sorter".
Suggestion: always choose dual change sorter.
Everything you would want to do in a single change sorter can be done in a dual.
The opposite in not true. No reason to have two tools when one will do. wiz

See Using the ChangeSorter and changesets.pdf – how to share code with others, and to deal with the code they share with you.

See FAQ: Change Sorters for step-by-step instructions on how to save code via a Change Sorter in Squeak.
See ChangeSorter vs. ChangeSet vs. Monticello for issues with comparing change sets.
See Finding original change sets
See Change Sorter

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