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Last updated at 3:56 pm UTC on 14 January 2006
Tim Rowledge

What would an Internet software project be without a mascot? Linux has a penguin or shark, FreeBSD has cute little red daemons, GNU has a some gnus, Perl has The Perl Camel, Java has Duke, The GIMP has Wilbur the Gimp. Even Windows has a multi-Billionaire.

Yet as Squeaksmiths, surely we must feel some shame, for our mousey mascot has no name.

Clearly, Squeaksmiths have plenty of free time to waste. How about a mouse naming contest?

Add new ideas to the list, or vote for an extant name. Let's see some serious creativity here! Try for wordplay and/or attitude.

Hurry! This contest ends(ended?) 01-01-00. A Y2k joke.

Try not to load the vote tally with faux votes, as one example shows (which one is it??).

Some starter options:

Rodent Themes:

  * John Maloney says: " 'Mickey' would get us in trouble
with our employers; let's not do that!"

Feline Themes:
Canine Themes:
Computer Themes:
Other Sci/Tech Themes:
Novel Names:
Other Nominations?

Words of Appreciation:

The reason Tim's mouse is so great (to me) is that he(?hmm) really looks like a mouse named Squeak. –MouseNaming

This mouse is obviously named Squeak. –PatrickLogan

(Warning, humor ahead) No! Heavens No! I beg you to think this through with greatest care. Naming the mouse Squeak presents a terrible opportunity for disaster. The programming system is *already* named Squeak. If the mouse were also so named, imagine the frightening levels of confusion, chaos, and carnage that could result. The mind reels! Only the most irresponsible or thoughtless would dare take such a stupendous risk. At the very least, the mouse must be named Squeak' (Squeak prime), but even this may risk grave catastrophe.


Bonus Mascot?! Two for the Price of One!!!

Scroll your page up. Move the mouse to the top of your screen, so ears and eyes disappear fully, but nose and whiskers remain fully visible.
What do you see? Another Mascot! One which inherits from a very different class. Tim Rowledge

This is prompted by an observation my mother made, when I gave her a first look at the Internet, and showed her this site.


I cast a vote for Willie in rememberance of Mickey's first appearance as 'Steamboat Willie'. –Updating with no net access

Let's name her Sharon to remember the fact that Squeak is shared with the rest of us (or Sharus if male). –ReinierVanLoon

Name the mouse Instance for it is a classy mouse.

I'll crawl back under my rock now.

Let's call it Mox, as in mouse and fox. As an acronym it would mean: More ObjeX. Who said this?

If we can have Garfield, then we can have Hobbes. And then we could call the "Bonus" mascot Calvin.

Please!! who said this??

Oh Wwooowwww man! Faaarr out! When I read this, I saw God. I bow humbly and deeply to the Master. *This* is Deep. *This* is Truly Great, Oh Enlightened One. It shows a deep, thoughtful, reflective, penetrating, and highly perceptive Comics Consciousness; which is so much more powerful, insightful, and useful, than the airy, fluffy, super-hyped, crystal-kissing, new-age Cosmic Consciousness. (Note the clever, self effacing, dyslexia reference?) JeremiahFass

Dyna, in honor of the Dynabook vision that started it all (and still possibly drives much of it)and for dynamic, which aptly describes the programming style as well as the community - Sam Adams

How about Dynamouse? It seems a little catchier. - Tim Cuthbertson (PS: I had always assumed the mouse's name was Squeak).

Squeak! The mouse that roared....

I just always assumed it was Squeak...

Call the mouse Roar - the mouse that squeaked.

With regard to the earlier comments about possible confusion between Squeak the system and Squeak the mouse, why not call the mouse #Squeak?

Just visiting (at the moment) but couldn't resist making a suggestion; why not call the mouse "Pip"? - Joel Neely

Doesn't matter what the name is. No matter how good it is, someone will edit it into a better name. The Squeak-Mouse formerly known as a logo. Darius