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Last updated at 9:19 am UTC on 21 August 2020
The ToolBuilder is a framework started by Andreas Raab in 2005, has been included in Squeak since release 3.9 and is actively maintained. Its aim is to achieve cross-UI-framework (MVC, Morphic, Tweak) support for a limited number of widgets which are critical for various Squeak tools, including (but not limited to)

Squeak 6.0a (of 2017, later relabeled to 5.1) Update Tools-tpr.769 implements changes to clean up the creation and construction of browsers.
All browsers can be made with

 ToolBuilder open: BrowserClassOfMyChoice

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The following notes apply to Toolbuilder before it was moved into the image and are out of date as the results have been included into the image.