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Last updated at 2:50 pm UTC on 2 October 2020
Pharo is a fork of Squeak. http://pharo.org/

A kind of roadmap (2017)

The first release was in April 15, 2010.
Pharo versions
Current release is Pharo 7.0.2.
Previous release: Pharo 6.1 - July 2017.
Shell version of Pharo 5


Pharo by example
 GLMBasicExamples open


Classic Morphic code is still mostly compatible with Pharo.
Morphic halos in Pharo.
Pharo uses the "Glamorous Toolkit" instead of ToolBuilder for the tools.
Another UI toolkit is Spec (Pharo).

Pharo contained a new text model TxModel (Pharo) which later was replaced again (Bloc, upcoming).

Many Pharo projects are hosted on Smalltalk hub.
Pharo documentation is written using Pillar.
List of all projects: http://smalltalkhub.com/list

Roassal is visualization engine written for Pharo Smalltalk.

With Pharo 6 a new versioning system called Iceberg was introduced. It is an abstraction over a distributed source code versioning system looking like git. Monticello is still available and works as in Squeak.

Pharo collaborative active book
Pharo books
Zinc HTTP components
Some explanations on Pharo project names (internal and external) Pharo catalog

Cuis is another fork of Squeak.

Size statistics

Pharo 5.1 had 5885 classes.
Pharo 6.1 had 6481 classes.
Pharo 7.0 alpha has 7612 classes.

Pharo 5.1 had 416 preference settings.
Pharo 6.1 had 494 preference settings.
Pharo 7.0 alpha has 662 preference settings.

Pharo 5.1 had a 27.44 MB image.
Pharo 6.1 had a 35.18 MB image.
Pharo 7.0 alpha has a 47.97 MB image.

Studio is a debugger for the data produced by complex applications. Studio imports dense and "messy" data in an application's own native formats, then it applies all the tools that are needed to extract useful information, and finally it presents the results in an interactive graphical user interface.
It is built on Pharo. Manual

[Pharo-dev] How to get started writing a little booklet on Pharo?
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Stephane Ducasse
Thu, Sep 21, 2017 at 8:46 PM
Reply-To: Pharo Development List
To: Pharo Development List
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  • Create a repository xxx on github
  • git clone xxx
  • cd xxx

 wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pillar-markup/pillar/master/download.sh
 chmod +x download.sh

 ./pillar archetype book
 make spiral

You can also run the texlive distribution in docker.



Gettext in Pharo

Installation of Iceberg packages from github without the need for a github account

You need to set protocol to https:

 Iceberg enableMetacelloIntegration: true; remoteTypeSelector: #httpsUrl.

The Dr. Geo, Geometry application, release 1806 uses Pharo with Morphic.

Pharo bootstrap

https://rmod.inria.fr/archives/talks/2010-Smalltalks-Uquillas-Ring.pdf Source code history of Pharo

Tonel file format

Pharo has a launcher which may also launch Squeak images.