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Harvest Master
Last updated at 1:05 am UTC on 17 January 2006
Note: As of Squeak 3.7, the Harvest Master role is now largely obsolete. This was the person who added updates to the Squeak Code updates, but this duty is now shared by all of the Harvesters.

Old information follows...

This is the maintainer of the Squeak update stream, the person who has the ability to add updates to the official Squeak release.

The role of the Harvest Master in the Harvesting Process is pretty much automatic; the decision on whether to incorporate submissions approved by other harvesters follows simple rules. (See step 4 of the Harvesting Process.) The only non-automatic part is during the beta phase, when deciding whether an approved fix should go into the beta release or wait until the next alpha.

This differs from the role of a Harvester, which involves a judgement call when deciding to approve a submission. Thus, the Harvest Master can also be a Harvester without a "conflict of interest".

The current Harvest Master is Doug Way.

Currently, I am incorporating submissions once per week or so, so there may be a delay of up to a week or so before approved submissions are incorporated. This could improve if we added another Harvest Master, or whenever we eventually replace this process with a more specialized harvesting tool. -dew

The Harvest Master uses some Harvest Master.

(Still not sure if "Harvest Master" is the best name for this, but it's not that bad. Name suggested by Tim– "Combine Harvester". :-) )