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Squeak Documentation Team
Last updated at 9:06 pm UTC on 19 August 2019
This is the homepage of the Squeak Documentation Team. Our goal is to solve the common and justified complaint that there is not enough documentation for Squeak. It is too hard for a beginner to join the Squeak community due to this fact. We want to change that.

The notes result from a documenation effort in 2012. Some issues still apply, others not.
It is welcome to have some documentation needs listed below.

2019 Documentation needs for release 5.3

2012 Documentation project

Questions or comments? Send questions to the mailing list at squeak-doc@lists.squeakfoundation.org (Subscribe or View Archives)


We are currently in the formative stages, and a clear goal is starting to emerge, along with a path to get there. We would like to see a Squeak where:

How can we get there? There are several steps we must take, and they can be done mostly in parallel:


Our goals currently encompass three sub-projects

Who are we?

Volunteers should add their name here

How to contribute

We can use your help, whether you are familiar with Squeak or not.


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